Project informations.

The first meeting of our Project were in Spain - "Healthy life" 1. - 8. 11. 2015

We chose logo and discussed about  the survey of Healthy Life Behaviours and the body mass index.

We cooperated on the project and selected tasks and responses of the next meetings.

The second meeting was situated in the Czech republic - Hukvaldy 29. 2. - 5. 3. 2016

We had Polka dancing lessons and presented new web pages and facebook nomoreobesity.

We chose the material into magazine - journal (Interactive magazine about food, interviews, puzzles and more from each country. Finished magazines are brought to  the Lithuania. 

The third international meeting was situated in Lithuania - Pajurio Stanislovo Birziskio gimnazija 9. - 14. 5. 2016

Our activities:

Implemented a research-calculate your BMI

Shooting a Movie - Fighting obesity (That the fight against obesity)
Common folk dances of all countries - parents, teachers and pupils

Hungary meeting 16. 10. 2016 – 23. 10. 2016, Ruzsa
We were discussing about the BMI and Healthy LIfestyles behavior.
Talking about Mini Museum in Hungary, evaluate it after visiting the museum.
Discussing the experiences of salad making.
Talking about each countrises responsibilities in near future.

Turkey meeting, Izmit

5. 3. – 12. 3. 2017

Discussing Healthy Lifestyle behaviours survey, results and BMI

Preparing the Every Dish has a story - book

Talking about the project activities in Turkey

Planning the last meeting in Poland

Choosing the sisters schools

Meeting evaluation.

Poland meeting 

7. 5. – 14. 5. 2017, Lagiewniki

Presenting and discussing the survey and  BMI final results.

Talking about the final product of the project.

Talking about previous tasks and final reports arrangements, dissemination and sustainability of the project.

Polish, Turkish and Spanish coordinators presented and handed in to the participants books and booklets:

I am free now!

Recipe book.

Every dish has a story.


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